at a loss for colors

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

da big T A O: whenever i walk by people go "OMG ITS TAO HES SO AWESOME"
FeltoN FoR LifE: sure
FeltoN FoR LifE: sure sure
FeltoN FoR LifE: yea right
FeltoN FoR LifE: but i guess
FeltoN FoR LifE: i'll admit ur pretty awesome
FeltoN FoR LifE: but that's it!
da big T A O: haha
da big T A O: yeah you're awesome too fei fei
FeltoN FoR LifE: yay!
FeltoN FoR LifE: i'm awesome
da big T A O: well dug
da big T A O: duh*
da big T A O: wow i cant type today

-yay! i'm awesome!!! TAO SAYS I'M AWESOME!! lol...
Fei-Fei at 2:37 PM

Friday, October 03, 2003


Me: I love this song!! ::sings along:: one minute you're on top then next you're not...
Cindy: ewwww...

Fei-Fei at 2:18 PM

Thursday, October 02, 2003

FeltoN FoR LifE: wutever makes u feel less stupid
afterlaugh128: hey now
FeltoN FoR LifE: this is what dreams are made of!
FeltoN FoR LifE: lol
afterlaugh128: heehehe
FeltoN FoR LifE: tehehehehehehehehehhehe
afterlaugh128: niiiiice
afterlaugh128: hehe
afterlaugh128: so whats fluffin ur pilow?

-silly silly kayla!

FeltoN FoR LifE: i love chester
Driretlan: lol
FeltoN FoR LifE: his voice is so awesome
Driretlan: lol
Driretlan: hes the one with the blond hair right?
FeltoN FoR LifE: yea
Driretlan: yeah hes sweet
FeltoN FoR LifE: uhhh


urnamesux2: yay im sexy
FeltoN FoR LifE: lol
urnamesux2: i have big boobs
FeltoN FoR LifE: >.<
FeltoN FoR LifE: uhhh
FeltoN FoR LifE: wutever floats ur boat
urnamesux2: sweet

Fei-Fei at 7:15 PM

Friday, September 26, 2003

FeltoN FoR LifE: EXCUSE ME?!
FeltoN FoR LifE: >.<
FeltoN FoR LifE: harry potter look a like
aZnPrYDe 1080: exucse you well i aint gunna say u suck cuz ur pretty awesome

-hehe...erik is pretty darn awesome

Fei-Fei at 4:05 PM

Friday, September 19, 2003

hey guys...i'm so bored! EEK! Coach switched the tennis lesson again...ergh! ::sigh::...five minutes till I have to go...I should leave soon. I hope Bri ish okay! Bri- I hope you're okay! EEK! You better not be not okay! Found a beautiful pic of tom welling...he was yummylicious! hehehehehe...jamie is still fixing my xanga...but i might stick with do de doo...and kayla- i'm just kidding! nothing happened today...early dismissal! FUN STUFF! eh...i have to republish...which would explain why i'm writing this...yep yep yep...
Fei-Fei at 4:28 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2003

afterlaugh128: whatever stripes ur zebra
Fei-Fei at 6:39 PM

right...i just lost a post...

FeltoN FoR LifE: if somebody like norah jones wins all the grammies this year
FeltoN FoR LifE: i'm gonna die
FeltoN FoR LifE: i will kill someone
FeltoN FoR LifE: i swear i will
FeltoN FoR LifE: >.<
Driretlan: *hands knife*

-isn't he helpful...? yep...
Fei-Fei at 3:45 PM

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Driretlan: hah karmic retribution for something evil u did when u were 4

Auto response from FeltoN FoR LifE: graham is being a big butt...

Driretlan: WHAT I AM NOT
FeltoN FoR LifE: lol
FeltoN FoR LifE: watching u expload is fuuuuuuunnnnn


FeltoN FoR LifE: bboooorrrreeeedddd
gwenyboy: go paint a picture
FeltoN FoR LifE: i have no paint
FeltoN FoR LifE: or brushes
gwenyboy: your FINGERS
gwenyboy: and spit!


FeltoN FoR LifE: i'm so annoyed
Driretlan: HAHAHA
FeltoN FoR LifE: i've got a piano lesson that i'm so not ready for
Driretlan: SUCKS FOR U
Driretlan: HAHAHAHA
Driretlan: BURN

-is he not being a butt?!
Fei-Fei at 5:04 PM

my mood is The current mood of Fei-Fei a loss for colors...
sometimes when everything seems so crazy
and all the colors go swirling by
i get a little lost...
and sometimes
i need to get away from everything
i retreat to my own little world
my own little colrless world...
this is where it all seems to fir
all the pieces seem to work
i know that this is where i belong
i'm just missing a color or two
at a loss for colors
can you help me?
i don't know what to do
confuses me so much sometimes
just wish i knew...
i'm just missing a color or two...
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